Fast and Fume-Free Electric Trench Excavation Services in Tennessee

With the power of our 480v three-phase electric excavator or our battery powered excavators, Cuts Inc can quickly dig indoor trenches and remove the spoils off site, where it would normally not be allowed to run diesel equipment. Save time and money by not having to pay your guy’s days to hand dig allowing them to focus on finishing up the Job! Our machine can dig to a depth of 6’ with your choice of a 12”, 16”, or 20” buckets. And is less than 32” wide, as to fit through most door openings.

Remove Cutting and Drilling Debris From Your Site

If desired, Cuts Inc can remove your cutting or drilling debris to the side of your work area or completely off-site.

We utilize and provide hand trucks, skid steers, dump trucks, dumpsters, and – of course – manpower to leave your job site as clean as you specify.
indoor concrete demo